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I miss little Minch.


Paige misses Minchie. Did I tell you she named her dog-on-wheels, Minchie? She takes Minchie on walks with Frankie and me. He is getting all scratched up and I am not sure how long he will last at this point. Frankie is much tougher when she holds his leash! Kisses to the Minchster.


how was the scarf??

ps i am glad munchile has a new hobby. it does help the adjustment to a new city.


the black menace.

maybe if Minchie would just suck it up and give in to Jupiter's sweet advances then they could be friends and we'd find them in a nice big "Catball" every night after work.


My little girl! I knew she had some sort of special talent in her... Now to give her some McEnroe sportsmanship lessons and she'll be good to go!


Costin, trust me. If you saw the way she "plays" tennis with Jupiter, you would know that she could teach McEnroe a thing or two.

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